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No matter you want to identify customer needs or validate your concept on B2B or B2C market, we help you reach and engage your target audience and collect real world cutomer feedbacks to take the right decisions

What we do

We solve the market validation problem for startups and large corporations

Our methodology allows us to get honest, reliable feedback from customers. We help our clients make the best decisions possible when building a new product by providing them with honest feedback from potential users who represent their target audience.

For Startup

How do you know you’re building something people want?

Use our service to get real world feedback about your product ideas from people who fit your target segment. We do it for you. You don’t have to pay for focus groups. You can just ask your friends and family. And you won’t get the same answers from your mom as you will from your customers

For SMB and large corporations

How do you know you’ve picked the right innovation?

You don’t know what your customers want until you ask them. Bring us in to do the research and make smarter decisions about product development, marketing and even company strategy.

We use innovative market research methods

We don't use focus groups or in-depth surveys when determining how to grow a business. Instead, we listen closely to what people say online and use growth hacking tools to connect with our audience, determine their needs, and develop solutions that complement current offerings and expand the reach of our clients' brands.

Concept Testing
We use the power of social networks and growth hacking tools to send online surveys. We can target pricesly each segment of your market to collect and analyse answers
Market Validation
You want to test and validate willingness to pay and customers needs. We create fake sales funnel with your brand or a new one and evaluate market adoption.

5 steps to get powerful insights

We make market tests easy, effortless and efficient


Tell us what you want to evaluate and know about your market

Market prototyping

We create all the marketing stuff to engage your audience


We create the sales funnel to reach your audience


We launch campaigns to engage visitors to answer survey or to strat buying your product

Get insights

We analyse the KPI and provide you deep insights and understanding of market intentions

Market Research

Discover a New Way of Building product people want

"As an Innovation Director at Orange, I had the opportunity to work with the team at Market Specialists to test and validate a business idea in just 15 days. Their smoke testing process was incredibly efficient and helped us quickly identify any potential issues with the concept. The speed at which we were able to validate the idea was invaluable and allowed us to move forward with confidence. "

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